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Within our information driven world, video advertising had continually becomea popular phenomenonnot only on various communication mediums but and also to the online society. The past few years, however, have seen a dramatic change in the trend of online video advertising: with increased complex technology, latest advertising platform and greater integration of latest innovation in software technology had tremendously draws more and more attention from diverse audience throughout the globe to shift towards greater preference for better Video Advertising Platform.


With the help of various video ads platforms, the necessity for promoting video ads had become boundless, thanks to the power of internet. Now having a fantastic video ad to power up your branding and online presence was even made designed for wide variety of target audiences. The rapidly technology rise has provided numerousbusinesses and various companies (whether large or small)to most stunning and steadfast approach of online video marketing, which will be even simpler and efficient. The following are only a number of video ads platform that you need to use for your organization campaign:

1.       Ad serving– ad serving simply describes the technology & service that places or promotes video advertisement on various websites. An ad serving company provides software to the website and and also to the advertisers to select, count, and serve ads that will drive them profit, network traffic, customers and monitor the progress of the video ad campaign. This video ad platform is divided in to two types: the publisher ad server and the alternative party or the advertiser ad server.

An ‘ad server'is a website server that is especially copied by database server which essentially stores campaigns and advertisement (including video advertisement) that is being used in online marketing and t be delivered to the website visitor. This content of the ad server is being updated constantly so that the website on that the video ads are displayed will contains new advertisements (e.g. text banners, static images, animations) when the website or the page was refreshed or visited with a user. The goal of this video ad platform is to provide video ads to users and to supply advertisers with an independent counting & tracking system for their video ad reach.

Functions of ad serving

-          Uploading video advertisement online and rich media

-          Generating traffic for video ads in respect to divergent business rules

-          Targeting ads for prospective customers and users

-          Reporting clicks, impressions, post clicks, post impression activities as well as interaction metrics

-          Tuning predicated on result

2.       Yield Optimization- Optimization involves a procedure of increasing and improving the impact of a movie ad. To put it simply, this video ad platform uses past performance including future forecasting to be able to determine just how much will undoubtedly be spent money for hard times goals, and/or to amend campaigns and promotions that are in-flight. Optimizing video ad alsoinvolves scaling-up high performing segments and cutting loses for those underperforming segments.

The method in Yield Optimization

And while the core of the video ad platform, the publisher's goal in yield optimization is to locate a brand that is willing to cover the greatest or maximum amount for starters impression of the video advertisement. Just like the majority of digital advertising, original players (like the publisher) must manage the‘yield optimization'in-house.

3.       Social Media Channels- One of the very common video ad platforms nowadays includes social media. This kind of video ad platform has been fast growing in the online world today, thus promoting advertiser's video enhance wide variety of audiences (increased publicity). This platform makes it possible for advertisers to achieve wide spectrum of target audiences to be changed into a customer. Social media marketing platform are computer-mediated tools for video advertising that allows advertisers to market their campaigns and advertisements to various networks or channels and virtual community. Additionally it allows users to switch information, message and ideas in regards to the video advertisement that an Video Ads Platform.



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